An exhibition at the Union League Gallery in New York had variety of paintings from 1909-1955. Framed in historic frames these works show the artists range over a period of time. Early works show the fluid brushwork and bold color that comes from the 'Ashcan " School and influence from Bellows and Henri. The show includes family and friends as well as works of notable historic figures and international subjects. Paintings of Spanish and Guatemalan models  are unique in that they date from before WW1 while later works such as the flowers show a colorful modern style.

" The Emerald Gown " painted in Philadelphia in about 1912 of Helen Fleck. Fleck was an accomplished painter trained at PAFA and Leopold's wife.

This self portrait in raincoat and scarf is not unlike his earlier one that was in the Corcoran Gallery of Art. The backround is the Swiss Alps which was known to Seyffert as he boys attended school in Geneva

Unfinished oil sketch of Bobby, Seyffert's second wife and model throughout the 1920's.